Bernie Sanders

The Details

Organizing Rally with National Bernie Staff and Richmond City Council Members (Barnstorm)

Join other local volunteers and grassroots organizers on Feb 12th as a representative from the national organizing staff, Becky Bond, comes to Richmond for a special organizing event. 

We will be joined by special guests and co-sponsors Richmond City Council members Jovanka Beckles and Eduardo Martinez.

We will discuss how we can rapidly grow our movement in the next several months as we enter the primary season. We will also be discussing local volunteer activities to help the early primary states.

This will be a great opportunity to hear what's going on nationally and locally with the campaign, as well as a chance to meet other Bernie supporters from your community. Thank you for all that you've contributed and all the hard work that you're about to do!

Host: Bernie 2016
Grace Lutheran Church (Richmond, CA)
2369 Barrett Ave
Richmond, CA 94804